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Enhance your interior with our live plant displays, designed to boost staff morale.



Desk plant displays offer a unique and refreshing way to enhance your workspace, blending aesthetic beauty with practical benefits. These small yet impactful additions to your office not only elevate the visual appeal of your desk but also bring a host of health and productivity advantages.


From acting as natural air purifiers to reducing stress and boosting focus, desk plants create a more pleasant and efficient working environment. Whether it's a tiny succulent, a leafy fern, or a vibrant flower, each plant adds a touch of nature's tranquility, transforming your work area into a more inviting and inspiring space. Embrace the power of greenery with desk plant displays and witness a remarkable change in your workday experience.

Customised Live Plant Displays for Workspaces

Piece of green plant with leaves.
Personal Well-being Enhancer
Focus and Productivity Enhancer
Aesthetic Appeal
Air Quality Booster

Explore our stunning live plant displays for inspiration.

Desk Displays

Explore our stunning live plant displays for inspiration.

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Find answers to common questions about our plant display services, maintenance, and benefits.


  • What area do you cover?
    We provide and maintain displays throughout the south of England. Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, west Sussex, Hertfordshire and Middlesex. We can also assist outside these areas, so please contact us to see how we can help.
  • I would like to get a quotation and some ideas please, do you charge for this?
    There would be no charge. We offer a no-obligation quotation and design proposal free of charge.
  • Do we rent the plants from you, or can we buy them?
    You can purchase the plant displays outright. We recommend that you also take out a maintenance agreement with us to ensure that the plant displays are kept in the best condition. This involves paying a monthly charge, which includes a full maintenance service and the replacement of any plant that fails or falls below our high standards.
  • We have some plants we own, is it possible for you to come and look after them for us?
    Of course, we will make an initial site visit to survey the plants, and then we can offer our complete maintenance service.
  • How long is your rental contract?
    We offer flexible contracts to suit all requirements.
  • What does the rental with maintenance agreement cover?
    The rental agreement covers the rental of the displays and our full maintenance service.
  • What does your full maintenance service include?
    We regularly visit to water, feed, prune, clean, and replace any plant that fails or falls below our high standards free of charge. All plants will be regularly fed using a balanced feed system and watered according to individual species' requirements.
Large plant pots are on the side of the beautiful living room, with a round mirror and a dressing table underneath.

Transform Your Workspace Desk with live plant displays.

Personal Well-being Enhancer: Stress Reduction at Your Desk

Desk plant displays are more than just decorative; they are natural stress relievers. Having a small plant on your desk can significantly reduce stress and anxiety, creating a more relaxed and calming workspace. This touch of nature can help improve mental health and overall well-being, making daily tasks more enjoyable.

Air Quality Booster: Natural Purifiers for Your Workspace

Small plants on desks act as natural air purifiers, improving the air quality around your working area. They absorb toxins and carbon dioxide, releasing oxygen, which leads to fresher, cleaner air in your immediate environment. This is especially beneficial in office settings where air circulation may be limited.

Focus and Productivity Enhancer: Nature's Way to Boost Efficiency

Incorporating plants into your workspace can enhance concentration, increase productivity, and boost creativity. The presence of greenery has been shown to positively impact cognitive functions, helping you stay focused and more efficiently tackle your workload.

Aesthetic Appeal: Adding a Touch of Green to Office Decor

Desk plant displays add a vibrant touch of green to the often monochromatic office environment. They provide an aesthetic uplift that can brighten your day and personalize your workspace. These small touches of nature can make the office feel more welcoming and lively, enhancing the overall ambience.

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