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Introduce the beauty of silk foliage displays to your interior space.



Our range of custom silk foliage displays offers a versatile and low-maintenance solution for any workspace. Whether you're looking to add a touch of greenery to your office or create a vibrant atmosphere in a commercial space, our expert team can help you design and install the perfect display.

Enhance Your Workspace with Custom Silk Foliage

Green plant with leaves
Thrives in Low Light
Security Friendly
Minimal Maintenance
Resilient in Varied Climates

Silk Foliage Displays

Explore our stunning live plant displays for inspiration.

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Silk foliage Displays

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Room full of green plants

Transform Your Space with Silk Foliage

Thrives in Low Light: Ideal for Challenging Environments

Silk plant displays are the perfect solution for areas with little or no natural light where live plants struggle to survive. They bring a touch of greenery and vitality to dimly lit office spaces, corridors, or meeting rooms, enhancing the environment without the need for sunlight.

Resilient in Varied Climates: No Climate Constraints

Whether your office experiences fluctuating temperatures or has spaces that are not suitable for live plants, silk plant displays remain evergreen and unaffected. Their resilience in varying climates ensures that your office aesthetic is consistently vibrant, irrespective of environmental changes.

Security-Friendly: No-Fuss in Restricted Areas

Silk plants are an excellent choice for high-security areas where access for maintenance is limited. Unlike live plants that require regular care, silk plants need no watering, trimming, or additional access for upkeep, making them ideal for spaces with strict security protocols.

Minimal Maintenance: Effortless Elegance


Embrace the beauty of greenery without the hassle of upkeep. Silk plant displays require minimal maintenance, saving time and resources for businesses. This effortless elegance means no watering, no pruning, and no worrying about plant health, making them a practical and attractive option for busy corporate environments.

Find answers to common questions about our plant display services, maintenance, and benefits.


  • What area do you cover?
    We provide and maintain displays throughout the south of England. Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, west Sussex, Hertfordshire and Middlesex. We can also assist outside these areas, so please contact us to see how we can help.
  • I would like to get a quotation and some ideas please, do you charge for this?
    There would be no charge. We offer a no-obligation quotation and design proposal free of charge.
  • Do we rent the plants from you, or can we buy them?
    You can purchase the plant displays outright. We recommend that you also take out a maintenance agreement with us to ensure that the plant displays are kept in the best condition. This involves paying a monthly charge, which includes a full maintenance service and the replacement of any plant that fails or falls below our high standards.
  • We have some plants we own, is it possible for you to come and look after them for us?
    Of course, we will make an initial site visit to survey the plants, and then we can offer our complete maintenance service.
  • How long is your rental contract?
    We offer flexible contracts to suit all requirements.
  • What does the rental with maintenance agreement cover?
    The rental agreement covers the rental of the displays and our full maintenance service.
  • What does your full maintenance service include?
    We regularly visit to water, feed, prune, clean, and replace any plant that fails or falls below our high standards free of charge. All plants will be regularly fed using a balanced feed system and watered according to individual species' requirements.
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